BRMC return to their roots

It’s been a long wait but Black Rebel Motorcycle Rebel Club have returned to their roots with an album awash with scuzzy guitar and bass-heavy swagger.

Since BRMC’s 2001 eponymous debut, the intervening years have been more notable for the misses than the hits. They redeemed themselves with their own stellar brand of Americana on 2005’s ‘Howl’ but as good as those stripped down blues, folk revival efforts sounded, it’s fantastic to hear BRMC plugged in and returning to the rock of yesteryear.
‘Baby 81’ sees the trio almost come full circle with distorted guitars, fuzz-laden bass lines and a relentless, pounding, supporting rhythm section the driving force. Moments of brooding darkness are lifted by some of the most anthemic moments BRMC have crafted, all stitched together by Peter Hayes and Robert Been’s haunting, angst-ridden vocals weaving a captivating, hypnotic tale throughout.
‘Baby 81’ is an album to immerse yourself in, a haze of stoner rock delight.