Their bad-boy image is still evident

Bad Kids, the latest single from their Good Bad Not Evil debut (2007) continues to be just as catchy as the rest of the album.

Their bad-boy image is still evident presenting a track all about misbehaving as a kid. The song starts with a country guitar vibe, which continues throughout. As the lyrics kick in it seems to juxtapose the ‘happy’ beat to reveal a distinct feeling of loneliness implied through the lyrics, of not having a stable family unit and not seeing any other future for themselves. This is what’s good about the Black Lips; their songs reach an emotional level as well as being an easy listen. It’s angst fuelled-pop like this that will instantly become a hit. With a catchy beat and infectious lyrics The Black Lips are a band that no doubt are set to continue their acclaimed fame.

By Emily Loughlin

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