Rediscovering his mojo

Since reverting back to his Pixies-era moniker of Black Francis, Charles Thompson IV seems to be rediscovering his mojo. If the Pixies ever recorded a new album it would probably sound like ‘NonStopErotik’. Taking his muse from the voyeuristic photographs of Man Ray, each note drips with sex and death.

Opener ‘Lake Of Sin’ growls with primal menace like its 1988 all over again, while both ‘Six Legged Man’ and ‘Corrina’ are scuzzy, head-pummelling beasts. The album centrepiece, and early frontrunner for this year’s ‘Most Self-Explanatory Song Title’ award, is the epic Bowie-esque ballad ‘When I Go Down On You’. Form an orderly queue, ladies.


Words by John Freeman


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