Big Wett – PU$$Y

Empowering and explicit pop music...

Helen Lovejoy from The Simpsons screaming “won’t somebody please think of the children?!” springs to mind when listening to BIG WETT’s explicit new EP. Yes it may ruffle the features of some parents, but they’ll be ruffled in a sexy and camp kind of way. Thinking how far feminism, body positivity and anti-slut shaming has come, this EP embodies a major aspect of the movement- a woman totally in control of her sexuality whilst having the time of her life. ‘PU$$Y’ is an empowering EP that I am keen to share with all the women I know.

BIG WETT is the kinda girl that you don’t know if you want to be, or be on. There’s no space for self-consciousness with her around, and she is here to liberate us all. A girl’s girl and a sex-positive superstar, the Australian artist releases her debut EP PU$$Y with no restraints (or fluffy handcuffs) holding her back. After Clash took her dildo shopping earlier this year and she answered your sexual dilemmas, she is back with this release and is ready to turn the thermostat up to 69 degrees.

Teasing the EP with the standalone single ‘EAT MY ASS’, it reminds us why this track has had such an impact over seas. We are also treated to critically-acclaimed singles ‘NUMBER 1 PUSSY’, ‘BAGS’ and ‘GSPOT’ and ‘DONT U WANT IT ALL’, with the addition of fan favourites from her raunchy live shows in ‘RUSH OF ADRENALINE’, ‘KING DICK’ and an extended version of ‘NUMBER 1 PUSSY’.  

Dripping with sex appeal and a passion for sex-positivity, BIG WETT is not only an icon, but a kinky blend of techno, electro pop and punk ethics. A girl that could convince anyone that even Jesus ate ass, her cheeky aesthetic is met with an uplifting motive that makes you want to put on your favourite thong and dance around the streets with your full ass out.

“Sucking and fucking, fucking and sucking” she shouts in ‘KING DICK’. Lyrical genius? Not really. Iconic? Absolutely. There’s no shame here as BIG WETT does what she does best- empower the sexual liberation of people all over the world. Inspired by 90s rave, techno and contemporary sounds with filthy, cheeky lyrics designed to empower and arouse, these six tracks, all clocking in at under three minutes, are fast and hard. Whether it’s about having the best pussy in the club, having sex on drugs or finally meeting that guy with the perfect dick, these tunes are juicy and joyful. 

So, get on all fours and let BIG WETT pleasure you in a way you’ve not been pleasured before. ‘PU$$Y’ is the debut EP that will continue to solidify BIG WETT as a cult (yes, cult) heroine. Soon to be sharing the podium with some of the sexiest women of our time, this is BIG WETT’s world and we are merely living in it whilst she works her way around, eating one ass at a time.


Words: Jazz Hodge

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