Been Stellar – Scream From New York, NY

A punchy, entrancing indie rock debut...

A thriller from start to finish, Been Stellar’s ‘Scream From New York, NY’ is one of the most assured indie rock debuts to land on our desk this year. Focussed, concise, and rippling with incredible energy, it’s an assured 10-track statement that blends visceral melody with raw power, tapping into their live prowess while embracing the clinical control of the studio environment.

It helps, though, that the songwriting is completely on-point. ‘Start Again’ emerges from waves of distortion and feedback to grab you by the throat, a vision from the end of the world. ‘Pumpkin’ drops the tempo to utilise the magnetic space of shoegaze, while ‘Can’t Look Away’ and ‘All In One’ are full-on noise rock assaults.

It takes ‘Sweet’ to add some sugar to the mixture. A phenomenal piece of writing, it dares to pull back from the brink, opening themselves up to pop possibility. Rarely has a mosh pit starter sounded so heavenly, with the whammy bar twisting your consciousness inside out. A bravura moment on a debut laced with magic, ‘Scream From New York, NY’ is a searing, magnetic statement that emphatically fulfils Been Stellar’s undeniable potential. To paraphrase that age-old tourist tee: we still love NY.


Words: Robin Murray

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