Peckham creative types attain headline status...
'Till The Tomb'

There’s no denying that ‘Till The Tomb’ has taken Peckham-based boys Beaty Heart up an echelon or two. In the 5 or so years since their inception they have gone from an experimental house party art collective to a confident, festival primed electro-pop trio.

The single ‘Raw Gold’ smacks of part-time co-producers and pals Jungle with its infectious summertime hook. ‘Soft Like Clay’ and ‘Slide to the Side’ are further proof of the trio’s gift for producing radio ready tunes. Till The Tomb on the one hand sounds like a longing call to a lost love, but front man Josh Mitchell’s confidence on vocals emphatically swat those suggestions away.

Their sound is by no means unique, and it’s not hard to detect some Metronomy and Jungle in there, but they’ve certainly raised their game to the point where they sit at the same table as their arguably more illustrious peers.

Having spent their share of time touring as a support act, they are about to set out on another world tour, this time as the headline act, and it is hard to deny it’s richly deserved.


Words: Milo Wasserman

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