The dreamiest of dreamy, dream pop...
'Depression Cherry'

Anyone with a passing knowledge of Beach House knows that the band is the audio equivalent of slipping into a warm bath of your lover’s tears whilst drinking a cheeky cab sav. They make a beautiful, relaxing music with just the right amount of poetry and drama to save tracks from monotony. Fifth effort ‘Depression Cherry’ is no different, and whilst haters could accuse the duo of being a one trick pony, you must ask yourself if you truly care when the pony is so damn gorgeous.

Things ‘kick off’ with ‘Levitation’, a slow building number crammed with plinky plonky synth, organs and basic drum machine work. The band have stated they wish to go back to the ‘simplicity’ of their earlier work and here a ‘less is more’ approach is used to fantastic effect. It won’t be your feel good hit of the summer, but it might be your best autumnal friend. Single ‘Sparks’ is led a by a Sonic Youth-worthy guitar repeats and muggy backing vocals and marks some refreshing territory for the dream popsters.

‘Beyond Love’ emerges as an album highlight, albeit one that seems to have been fiendishly created in order to cause emotional breakdown. Whereas ‘PPP’ is the albums clumsiest moment, though another strong number it bizarrely on a few moments ends up sounding far too close to ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’ by John and Yoko.

‘Wildflower’ is an obvious contender for a second single being the quickest fix of this collection's nine numbers, as well as owning some cheeky bass work. Grab those tissues again for ‘Blue Bird’, an ode to not imprisoning true beauty and the one you love because that’s the romantic way and doing otherwise would be dickish behavior. If you love something let it go... let it go.

Closer ‘Day Of Candy’ boasts spacey keys suitably takes you blissfully upward and into a realm of pure chill and we ask: why not? That’s what Beach House do, have done here and with god on our side they’ll continue to do so.


Words: Sam Walker-Smart

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