Oozes simplicity, honesty and contentness
Beach House - Bloom

It’s fair to say that ‘Bloom’ is no giant leap from the Beach House sound that has come before. Their unmistakable dream pop remains as dreamy as ever, with simple, almost childlike melodies, swirling from song to song, wrapped in layer upon layer of astronomical reverb. While mid-album takes a little dip into samey-ness, there are some superb stand out tracks, although they rarely reach the dizzy heights of wonderfulness of ‘Teen Dream’ gems.

Opener ‘Myth’ winds and builds beautifully, starting with Victoria’s understated voice and ending in an epic high. It’s one of the best on the album and a perfect introduction to the new record.

‘Bloom’ takes Beach House back to the basics a little. There’s more emphasis on the simplest of vintage Casio and the whole album trots along at a slightly monotonous pace, which, along with that trademark reverb, probably accounts for the repetitive feel. But don’t be fooled. Before you know it, a song comes up and slaps you in the face with its brilliance.

'New Year’ brings back the Beach House drone, constantly present like an ancient power station, lifting this poppier melody into something more euphoric than the rest, while ‘Wishes’ is like a new take on a classic ’50s pop song.

‘On The Sea’ is almost unrecognisable as a Beach House track at the start, with its minimalist and pretty piano riff welcoming in the vocals, but it soon grows into something more fantastic than Atreyu’s adventures.

‘Bloom’ oozes simplicity, honesty and contentness. It will be a welcome sound of summer for ‘Teen Dream’ fans, but don’t expect anything too radical.



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