Battle – Back To Earth

Designed to leave you drooling

I mean really, how long do we have to keep asking Battle to deliver upon us their debut album?

‘Back To Earth’ is supposed to be a 7-track mini album to stopgap the wait, collecting singles and new songs together, but really it’s a bastard of a tease, designed to leave you drooling uncontrollably and hankering for the real thing. So let’s go over this one more time, just in case you’re not clued up: Battle mix up grand riffs, sharp at the edges, to epic proportions, and weave them around the eloquently yearning vocals of Jason Bavanandan. The result is driving and inspiring indie-pop full of killer choruses that tug on the heartstrings. Where ‘Beautiful Dynasty’ has genuine soul, live favourite ‘Tendency’ is fiercely unyielding, ‘Easy To Listen To’ becomes a vast and expansive tunnel of sound. So full of promise and capable of genius – boys, take note: Hurry. The. Fuck. Up.

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