Dan Smith's pop project finds renewed depth...
'Wild World'

After the huge commercial success of debut album ‘Bad Blood’, Bastille’s second full length ‘Wild World’ is a reflection of the band’s growth and maturity. The pop-inflected rock sound that Bastille pull off so well is streamed throughout the LP but this time it’s not so straight-forward. An electronic vibe fills the void that is now apparent that their debut was missing.

Dan Smith’s lyrical flair does not disappoint this time around. Songs such as 2013 hit ‘Pompeii’ had the immediacy, but didn’t explore the depth of Smith’s songwriting abilities. Showing a head for politics and a heart that has so much emotion to explore, contains a few life lessons alongside the urge to dance. The album title itself, ‘Wild World’, is an indication that Smith and the band have left nothing unsaid.

‘Good Grief’ is definitely the record’s leading track, and is surprisingly upbeat considering its reflection on the grieving process. ‘The Currents’ speaks of disillusionment with whatever the hell is going on in Downing Street at the moment. Lyrics like “I can’t believe my ears, I don’t want to believe my ears” succinctly show the political confusion of 2016.

By delivering an album laden with huge songs, Bastille have kept themselves on the road to becoming one of the biggest pop outfits in the country. Although a bit of diversity could have been added, ‘Wild World’ has given Bastille a different scope. With a lead singer who is forever willing to learn and tackle problems that many neglect, Bastille prove that they can evolve past their pop roots and create work that will last.


Words: Georgia Ivey

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