A classic Jaxx party…
Basement Jaxx - Junto

Five years since the dual options of ‘Scars’ and ‘Zephyr’, Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe slip back into the summer’s dance soundscape pretty quietly.

‘Junto’ will come in for less fanfare than Basement Jaxx’s hit-laden past – but, for the sake of solidity across the board, it’s okay that this seventh album has no obvious breakout or festival showstopper.

To trusted formulae and powered again by guest spots, a faux Aluna Francis on ‘Unicorn’ (below) drives upfront chart-dance okay with the idea of joining the herd over bringing its own bells and whistles.

The Latin/global focus means that post-World Cup there’s always the next Olympics, and the open deviations (jungle mania, Solange-like sunshine soul) make it a classic Jaxx party.


Words: Matt Oliver

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