Pop makes too much sense these days

Pop makes too much sense these days.

Time was, the latest pop colossus would be so out there, so colourful and so damn weird they’d be hard to resist. Clad in outrageous clothing, these characters would dismantle music one week - and then disappear the next. Barringtone seem keen to bring that era back with this slice of demented indie poppery. Channelling the grace and style of early Roxy Music with a hint of Wire, “Snake In The Grass” is a jerky post-punk take on the classic pop song.

If you’d played “Snake In The Grass” forwards, backwards or sideways it’s doubtful if it would make much more sense. Rising from the ashes of much-missed electronic rockers Clor, Barringtone have all the potential of a newly flung grenade in a box of fireworks. “It could’ve been all we hoped” they sing, and this unexpected treasure is far more than we could’ve hoped for.


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