Think a twisted Forrest Gump mixed with South Park

Bad Boy Bubby is one of those rare films that burn a life-long impression on anyone who sees it.

Bubby (Nicholas Hope) has been confined inside a claustrophobic flat for his entire life by his mother who uses him for sex. Unable to communicate in any method beyond simple mimicry, Bubby’s escape into the outside world is exhilarating as he encounters the joys of sex and rock ‘n’ roll. Think an extremely twisted take on Forrest Gump mixed with South Park’s Timmy 2000 episode and you’ll at least be vaguely prepared for the Bubby experience.

Rolf de Heer’s breakthrough film is one that pushes taboos at every level with incest, blasphemy and cat murder all on the agenda. But Bubby is a character that inspires empathy; his lack of understanding of the world as large is as heartbreaking as the reception he gets as a misunderstood outcast. Above all, with his myriad of often wildly inappropriately used catchphrases, Bubby is riotously funny.

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