Could be the electronic artist's finest moment yet...

Daisy Emily Warne, AKA BABii, isn’t one to rest on her laurels. In 2019 she released her glorious debut album ‘Hiide’, then followed that up with a collaborative album, ‘GLOO’, alongside Kai Whinston and Iglooghost. Yes, that Iglooghost. She’s also released about half a dozen singles and EP’s since 2018.

If this wasn’t enough, BABii has now released a new EP ‘iii’. As I said, BABii isn’t one to rest on her laurels.

‘iii’ consists of three fleeting songs that push her industrial R&B pop agenda, but it isn’t just the songs that pique your interest. The theme of the EP is triple-fixated, too. The release doesn’t just get its name because it only has three songs - the material is about three different people in BABii’s life. One who she doesn’t want in her proximity; another who wants her out of theirs; and finally one who BABii wants in hers.

The three iii’s are all BABii and her perspective. ‘Snake’ is about the person BABii wants out of her life. Musically it is darker than the rest of EP and consists of slow-moving synths, that almost slither under bovine beats and her airy vocals. ‘RPG’ sees BABii trying to get someone into her life a little bit more. The song really comes alive when the marching band drums kick in. They are flawless and keep the lackadaisical synths moving forward.

The standout track of the EP is ‘Beast’. This time BABii ponders about being away from someone but still feeling emotionally close to them. She raises an interesting question about whether it’s better to be nearer someone you have less of an emotional connection to or far away from someone you do.

As expected BABii doesn’t quite give a definite answer. Musically the song is dominated with sub bass and trap like beats. “I’m trapped in the belly of the beast” she sings, like a mantra for the doomed.

‘iii’ is a terse EP that is over almost as soon as it begins, but this is a positive attribute, as repeat listens are an absolute joy, revealing more about BABii’s life than she initially meant. Musically, this is best thing Warne has released and we can’t wait to see what she delivers next!


Words: Nick Roseblade

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