Aurora – The Gods We Can Touch

The Norwegian pop enigma returns with her high-reaching third LP…

Europe’s favourite eclectic pop icon Aurora has returned to grace 2022 with her new record ‘The Gods We Can Touch’ – a multifaceted release that uses classic myths to illustrate modern day woes, provocatively commenting on the world surrounding it while also reaching for something grander.

Dark and moody single ‘Cure For Me’ serves as the crux of the album – not only dropping a bombshell of liberation in it’s addictive chorus, but also serving as the inspiration for the Greek deity thematic. While the goddess of remedy might endorse unshackling shame, Aurora has promoted this message in a whole new way and this forward-thinking manifests throughout the rest of the 15-track experience.  

This certainly isn’t the only banger presented, though; the sensual ‘Giving In To The Love’ swirls a storm of instrumentals around a tense, subdued vocal which embraces the purest and most positive aspects of life. ‘Blood In The Wine’ blends western-esque wailing with the soundscape of electronic and pop tones, building a unrelenting momentum with the help of a pounding drum beat.

While the multi-talented artist targets an uplifting energy – plunging her hands deep into songwriting, singing and production to do so – there are more grounded moments, like the slow ballad of ‘This Could Be A Dream’, to give ‘The Gods We Touch’ an absorbing flow. The ethereal ‘Exist For Love’ is Aurora’s first true love and romance tale, easily summoning a heavenly quality with a total lack of cynicism.

Gratitude, hidden intentions and relationship dynamics are explored in-depth before an extended, silkily melodic performance makes one last reach for the stars with closer ‘A Little Place Called The Moon’ – no words are spoken until two thirds through the song, and yet any listener is inevitably enraptured far before this point.

Angry, celebratory, wallowing and cathartic energies exhibit themselves in a maximalist way on this third studio album, proving once again that she has a voice packing… not a punch, but something equally hard hitting. These monumental tunes are totally bewitching from start to finish with heartfelt moments and deep intent packed into every second. Aurora is a thoughtful, caring soul pushing positive messages through bold contemporary art, and fortunately she has the innate ability to spin irresistible hooks to pair with them.


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Words: Finlay Holden

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