A richly melodic, welcomingly melancholic debut…
Ásgeir - In The Silence

One in 10 of the Icelandic population own the original version of this record and well they might, as these songs possess an airy, glacial beauty that’s easy to love.

While he’s unlikely to become quite so ubiquitous elsewhere, newly-translated English lyrics (thanks in part to previous touring-partner John Grant) will ensure that it’s not just Ásgeir’s stirringly emotive voice that will resonate.

The Bon Iver comparisons are inevitable and deserved, the title track especially sounding like it could fit on everybody’s favourite cabin-dweller’s last outing.

‘Torrent’ (video below) is the highlight here, with a stop-start backdrop that sweeps along majestically. A richly melodic, welcomingly melancholic debut.


Words: Gareth James

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