Futuristically innovative and welcomingly accessible
Animal Collective - Centipede Hz

On a rock in the far reaches of space some poor creatures are being inflicted with the Earth’s radio-waves - the inane topical phone-ins, jingles from cheesy commercials, and the usually banal top forty chart countdowns too. ‘Centipede Hz’ is the group’s take on what might be coming back the other way. Inspired by how an extraterrestrial band could sound in a bar on another planet, they’ve created something that’s out of this world - unfamiliarly alien yet idiosyncratically Animal Collective. As soon as the dissonant beat on ‘Moonjock’ opens proceedings it’s clear that this is a different trip to ‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’.

Gone is the reverb in favour of a direct, ‘Strawberry Jam’-style live sound. It’s the first time since the pectin-titled record that all four members have jammed in the same room and hence there’s a vigorous feel. Noah Lennox provides the physicality via a modified drum-kit, Brian Weitz plays live keys again, and Josh Dibb’s return is marked with a first vocal lead on ‘Wide Eyed’ - his depth of tone adding weight to a rolling bass kick. What is continued after the huge success of ‘MPP’ is the inclusion of melodic hooks into their incomparable framework. Ben H. Allen III returns on production to make sure there’s nothing too alienating here. ‘Centepede Hz’ is somehow both futuristically innovative and welcomingly accessible. Amid the obscurantism caused by white noise and radio interference are strong choruses likely to get any form of life dancing.



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