Transformative vocals illuminate this snapshot of an artist…

‘Little Death’ from singer-songwriter Alexander Wolfe is a powerful, exhilarating return following a step back in late 2018. Taking a break following the liquidation of the label he was signed to, he found his heart drawn to song-writing, with the beautiful new production coming into fruition.

Starting off with ‘Little Death’, setting a tranquil tone that stretches throughout the record, previous release ‘Avalanche’ slightly amps up the mood with its suspenseful soundscape, which continues into ‘Your Love Is A Wheel’.

The haunting ‘Oslo’, heartfelt lyrical masterpiece ‘Catherine’ and religious slow-build offering ‘Jesus’ all hone in on Alexander’s soulful vocals.

‘Catherine’ – the last single to drop before the release of the album – is the first standout of the record. Lyrically, vocally and sonically it takes you on a journey of love that you don’t want to end, a poetic ode that tugs at your heartstrings.

Moving abruptly yet smoothly from quiet instrumentals to more upbeat, strut-worthy stylings come ‘Breaking The Fall’ and ‘I Can’t Get To Sleep’. The album is striking in its ability to switch effortlessly between fast pieces to soaring, slower tracks.

‘Chin Up’, prompting listeners to keep going in the face of adversity, is the second highlight. Towards the tail end of the 11-track record, it once again highlights the 37-year-old singer’s vocal prowess. Alexander’s voice is transformative, taking listeners to a world – and a reality –  better than the present. On returning to the here and now, at the end of the song, everything somehow seems brighter.

Final two tracks ‘Alive’ and ‘I’ve Already Lost What I Never Had’ – slow and instrumentation-focused pieces – are laden with messages of hope.

As last track ‘I’ve Already Lost What I Never Had’ lulls the mood in its warm embrace of feathery vocals and calming acoustics, it very fittingly becomes the final highlight of the album.

A snapshot of the artist, ‘Little Death’ is brilliant throughout, with its only failing being the lack of energy behind the faster tracks. But even in the absence of head-nodders, the slower tracks more than make up for it; painting a picture of tranquillity.


Words: Malvika Padin

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