"...tragic lullabies for the lonesome."

Whoever said guitar rock was dead ought to be blindfolded, marched to the gallows and hung. ‘Broken Side of Time’ makes Kings of Leon sound like a bunch of castrated dandies (although frontman Petter Stakee does hit the kind of high notes that have M.J. moonwalking out of his grave).

This ten track debut fumes testosterone and oozes hair-rock brute; epic guitar onslaughts, eerie vocals and firing cymbals, indeed it’s a rather spectacular effort by the wandering four.

There’s something of the Deep South preacher man in Stakee’s yearn ('City Walls'), though at times the incredibly melodic guitar ('The Thief and Heartbreaker') make bare the crew's British genesis. A somewhat dark album for dark times and tragic lullabies for the lonesome, ‘Broken Side of Time’ is an ode to the forefathers of dirty blues-rock.


Words by Natasha Arico


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