Air Guitar Nation

Inside the world of air guitar

The world of air guitar is a wild and obscure realm addled with groupies, fuelled by mandatory drinking, and judged according to three categories, one of which is ‘airness’.

Then there are the stage names – Hot Lixx Hulahan, William Ocean and Big Rig, to name a few. The best alias around belongs to one of the stars of the documentary Air Guitar Nation – Bjorn Turoque (pronounced Born To-Rock), the alter ego of Dan Crane, the perpetual bridesmaid of international air guitar competitions. The documentary tracks Bjorn as he passionately battles his arch nemesis, C-Diddy, who unleashes his “Asian-fury” on the unsuspecting Finnish audience at the World Championships, while Bjorn continually loses comps yet never loses ambition, spouting brilliant lines like, “To air is human, to air guitar is divine”.

The film is hilarious, and gives an insight into the intriguingly earnest yet always very humorous antics of these air chasers.

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