aespa – My World

"Tell me what you see when you look at me/ 'Cause I am a ten out of ten, honestly..."

After a long wait, aespa’s highly anticipated third mini album, ‘My World’, has finally arrived. This marks their biggest project to date since the successful release of their second mini album, ‘Girls’, in July 2022. Like former SM entertainment groups, aespa has proven to be a unique and talented group praised for their innovative concept and powerful vocals.

The opening track of the album, ‘Welcome To My World’, showcases a flawless fusion of the quartet’s vocals with dreamy pop synth beats. In this pre-album single and music video, aespa’s members Ningning, Giselle, Karina, and Winter explore reality as they return from the virtual world. The dreamy production of the song emphasises the quartet’s vocals and sets the stage for the upcoming tracks on the album.

The mini-album’s lead single ‘Spicy’ is an experimental synth-pop track, which is a newer concept for the girl group. The vibes are confident with lyrics of self-assuredness – “Tell me what you see when you look at me/ ‘Cause I am a ten out of ten, honestly”. The Y2K-inspired aesthetic showcased in the music video for ‘Spicy’ perfectly complements its empowering theme. With a catchy hook and strong vocals, ‘Spicy’ is the perfect addition to your summertime playlist.

The third B-side track, ‘Salty and Sweet’, highlights innovative instrumentals and a hyper-pop sound that will remind listeners of aespa’s signature style. This experimental and futuristic song highlights the impressive vocal skills of Ningning and Winter while maintaining the theme of empowerment seen in ‘Spicy’, but with a distinctive aespa twist.

Thirsty’s sound is reminiscent of a familiar contemporary R&B sound that we have become accustomed to. Lined with flirtatious lyrics and harmonious melodies, ‘Thirsty’ plays on a nostalgic feeling of 90s R&B while incorporating a modern pop sound through the use of captivating synths.

‘I’m Unhappy’ boasts a catchy beat and simple production, allowing the lyrics and melodies in the song to shine through. This track features vulnerable lyrics that explore the feeling of disconnection: “Everyone looks perfect every day / As if I’m the only one logged out”. Here, the virtual world acts as a metaphor for those feelings.

The album’s concluding track, ‘Till We Meet Again’, is a mesmerising ballad that displays a serene melody and comforting lyrics. The enchanting vocals of the members radiate optimism and calmness, creating an uplifting and reassuring ambience. 

Overall, the third mini-album of aespa, ‘My World’, is a remarkable showcase of the group’s versatile talent. The album features various genres, captivating beats, and delightful vocals. Despite retaining aespa’s signature futuristic and otherworldly vibe, ‘My World’ ventures into uncharted territory, offering fans a more profound understanding of the group’s evolving story. With positive reception for their recent mini-album, fans are excited to see aespa’s upcoming project and hope to see a full album release from the rising quartet in the near future. 


Words: Sharifa Charles

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