Actress – Karma & Desire

Undoubtedly one of the year's finest electronic albums...

Actress, AKA Darren Jordan Cunningham is a seminal artist. His last three albums ‘AZD’, ‘LAEGEOS’ and ‘88’ are melting pots of electronic sounds, techno beats and flourishes of musique concrete/experimentalism that sound like no one else. His latest album ‘Karma And Desire’ is no different.

‘Karma And Desire’ opens with muted, monochrome motifs, stark beats and vocals that are more about their textures than words. By the time we reach ‘Loose’ Cunningham has started to push this new sound for all its worth. As the bass starts to push its way through the sepia synths a new urgency takes over, leading to a full-on glorious acid breakdown.

After listening to ‘Karma And Desire’ one this is apparent, Cunningham is probably one of the most vital and inspiring musicians working. The music is engaging, yet thought provoking. It sounds unlike his previous three releases, but there is a continuation of ideas throughout. It’s an album from an artist who doesn’t pander to trends and goes his own path.


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Words: Nick Roseblade

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