Retreat is death, and 65days only ever run towards the light...
65daysofstatic - Wild Light

“We will not retreat, this band is unstoppable.” These Singles-sampled words, spoken by Matt Dillon in the early ‘90s grunge-rom-com, defined 65daysofstatic’s identity on the Sheffield foursome’s debut album, 2004’s ‘The Fall Of Math’.

And they served, too, as an encompassment of the band’s attitude to progressing their always-powerful sound: from post-rock gets glitchy early on, to something closer to club-razing low-end symphonies.

‘Wild Light’, album six overall – following 2011's soundtrack-styled release ‘Silent Running’, intended to accompany the 1972 sci-fi flick of the same title – is another evolutionary step. It merges sci-fi synths with micro-beats (‘Prisms’), switches from cataclysmic to euphoric in a heartbeat (‘Sleepwalk City’), and damn-near betters Mogwai at their own creep-out soundtrack game (‘Heat Death Infinity Splitter’).

What the album lacks in genuine surprises – it features fewer floor-filling basslines than its makers’ previous LP ‘proper’, 2010’s dance-designed ‘We Were Exploding Anyway’ – it more than makes up for in comprehensive consistency. That, and in deploying a cohesive narrative: this isn’t an album you’ll want to shuffle into an arbitrary track order, the usual cliché of the journey in sound holding sufficient water in this instance.

The journey is one way. Retreat is death, and 65days only ever run towards the light.


Words: Mike Diver

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