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As a company located in the United Kingdom.

Our privacy policy is operated in adherence with the UK Government Data Protection Act of 1998. Please refer to the linked document to see further detailed information.

Cookies Policy

You may be aware of the recent law change which means we have to tell you as a visitor to that we use cookies and how we use them.

What are Cookies? Visit Wikipedia's Cookie entry to find out an in-depth explanation -

We use Cookies on to save your preferences (if you have an account with us and log in) and to tell us how many Ads were served and allow us to geo-target them to a Country or City.

We us Third Party Cookies as part of a range of different services that tell us details of our visitors (their location, where they arrived at the site from, which pages they looked at etc) to help us analyse traffic to the website and try to improve returning user experience. We also use Facebook and Twitter integration to allow you to use the accounts you hold with them to access and comment on

You can switch cookies off but website functionality may be affected.
For a guide on how to do this, simply search using your browser name and 'how to turn off cookies' for guidelines.