Cheap Monday Kurt sunglasses
Been there, done that, got the sunglasses...

Cheap Monday’s spring/summer ’17 collection is undoubtedly inspired by Instagram cultures constant collaging of reference points. According to the brands official release, it captures contemporary youth’s ability to ‘easily wear different styles from one day to the other and match their association to a movement depending on their daily mood.’

Blending the codes of several subcultures, from Metal Heads to B-Boys, the comprehensive range includes everything from subtle jeans and t-shirts to statement accessories. In essence it’s a direct route to a wardrobe of accomplished eclecticism - the kind that would normally take years to master in the depths of online auctions and obscure vintage stores.

Our personal highlight are these Kurt Milky Void sunglasses, clearly named after Mr. Cobain – who wore a similar pair in his most iconic series of portraits by photographer Jesse Frohman. That being said, you could just as easily slip into the guise of Lil Kim circa Crush On You, or even a young Twiggy Ramirez whilst sporting a pair. Handily versatile, if you’ve moved on from Grunge by Thursday.


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