A dizzying album with a whirlwind flow...
'Last Night On The Planet'

At the time of writing, Ninja Tune founders Coldcut recently announced their first release in 10 years. Coinciding with the debut album from labelmates Letherette, it bodes well for the new duo that they’re releasing their first full body of work during a dance music solstice.

Opening track ‘Momma’ features some candid verses from Irish MC Rejjie Snow. It reflects on the suffocating pressure of the music industry and the subsequent hedonism that acts as surrogate coping. Rejjie’s vocals weave over cloudy loops and breaks that entice Madlib comparisons.

Every track therein embodies an overarching dichotomy of dance music. It showcases how extensive the tendrils of the culture are wrapping around every corners of popular music. Ranging from the inelastic grooves of ‘Rich And Dan’ to the mirthful funk of ‘Frugaloo’ that warbles with the incandescence of Todd Terje’s work, the duo are leaving no bases uncovered.

At times Letherette overreach and their ambition to contort every trend of the last decade into a singular structure feels forced. The album flourishes where the beats are fortified by accompanying charisma like final track ‘Last Night On The Planet’, where Stones Throw’s Pyramid Vritra bookends a dizzying album with a whirlwind flow.


Words: Will Butler

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