Pale Angels

What do you get if you cross New Jersey with Wales?

Pale Angels is the answer. Living embodiments of the trans-Atlantic cultural exchange, the band's blown out punk vibes span an entire ocean.

The trio recorded their new album 'Daydreaming Blues' over the space of three days, a frenetic bout of recording that comes close to nailing that live energy.

At times it recalls late 80s punk - think PIXIES or even Fugazi - Pale Angels also have an oddball British touch, akin to those off kilter Wire moments.

New cut 'Taped' airs first on Clash, and it's central theme could almost be suitable for Black Mirror. Michael explains that the song "is about violation and humiliation. Nothing is private, everything is documented, seen and used. The premise of the songs touches on ideas of feeling this way within a relationship and the more broadly in everyday life."

Jamie adds: "They way we make our transatlantic relationship work in regards to song writing, is relying on a model of being productive during the short stints of time that we get to spend together. Whist we aren’t in the same place, we each work on our own song ideas. Eventually get to show those ideas to each other in real life and work help each other out with input on structural ideas etc."

Tune in now.

Catch Pale Angels at the following shows:

13 Bristol The Stag & Hounds
14 Swansea Mozart's
15 Sheffield The Lughole
16 Sunderland Pop Recs Ltd
17 Glasgow 13th Note (Early Show)
17 Dundee Conroy's Basement
18 Edinburgh Banshee Labyrinth
19 Leeds Santiagos
20 Brighton The Quadrant
21 London The Shacklewell Arms

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