'Bat Chain Puller' gains release

Unreleased material from Captain Beefheart is set to see the light of day next year.

The death of Captain Beefheart robbed the world of a true visionary. A stunning vocalist, the artist's unique musical vision continues to inspire with each passing year.

Now a 'lost' period of the singer's output is set to see the light of day. Legendary album 'Bat Chain Puller' was pulled due to a dispute with the DiscReet label, although some material did seep onto future releases.

Four tracks from 'Bat Chain Puller' formed the spine of 'Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)' - the 1978 album which re-ignited Captain Beefheart's career.

Now the full version of 'Bat Chain Puller' is set to see the light of day. The Wire points fans to a listing on Zappa.com which reads: "The dust blows forward and the dust does blow back. The Good Captain rests his case. R.I.P."

'Bat Chain Puller' is set to be released on January 15th - what would have been Captain Beefheart's birthday.

Containing the 12 tracks scheduled to appear on the original album, the new edition of 'Bat Chain Puller' will also contain three bonus tracks. Check out the listing HERE.

Beefheart biographer Mike Barnes has been privy to a few details (via The Wire): "The tape is owned by the Zappa estate and although Don didn't want it released they've been true to the work. Not only that, its availability was announced on the anniversary of Don's death and will be released on his birthday."

Check out a live performance of 'Bat Chain Puller' from Captain Beefheart below...


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