'The Black Session – Paris 10 May 2011' gains wider release

Wire are set to give their live album 'The Black Session – Paris 10 May 2011' a wider release.

Famously, John Peel once described The Fall by saying that they were 'always different, always the same'. To extend that description, Wire are simply always different - and that's why they're important.

Now embarking on the third phase of their career, Wire have not lost any of the artist vitality which drove their nascent punk phase. Returning with 'Red Barked Tree' in 2010, the band took off on a lengthy tour.

Heading around the world, the band's merch stall included an item titled 'The Black Session – Paris 10 May 2011'. Recorded last summer, the live album caught a ferocious performance from Wire.

Named after the legendary series of radio broadcasts hosted by Bernard Lenoir for Radio France, the album was initially only available at a series of Autumn shows.

Recorded at Radio France’s Paris studios in May 2011, the band performed in front of an invited audience. Obviously relaxed, Wire chose to mix material from their recent incarnation with a smattering of early cuts - including the classic 'Map Ref 41°N 93°W'.

The first official Wire release to feature guitarist Matt Simms alongside the core trio of Colin Newman, Graham Lewis and Robert Grey, 'The Black Session – Paris 10 May 2011' is set to be released through the band's own pinkflag (pf19) imprint.

Wire are set to release 'The Black Session – Paris 10 May 2011' on February 6th. Tracklisting:

Adapt 4.01
Comet 2.58
Smash 3.39
Please Take 3.49
Kidney Bingos 4.33
Clay 3.16
Map Ref 41°N 93°W 4.22
Moreover 3.43
Two People In A Room 3.03
Down To This 6.45
Drill 4.31
Red Barked Trees 7.40
Pink Flag 10.48

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