Rick Holland collaboration continues...

Brian Eno is set to release his new collaborative EP 'Panic Of Looking' on November 7th.

Brian Eno's questing spirit has taken him in some unexpected directions, however few anticipated that the producer would work on an album of poetry. Released earlier this year, 'Drums Between Bells' saw the renowned studio boffin cross swords with published poet Rick Holland.

The results were startling. 'Drums Between Bells' used a multitude of voices, with Brian Eno and Rick Holland taking the best part of a decade to finally piece together the finished studio document.

Speaking to ClashMusic earlier this year, Rick Holland explained that many cuts had no made the final selection. Now Brian Eno is to collect some of the discarded tracks on his new EP 'Panic Of Looking'.

A continuation of the recent collaboration, it finds Brian Eno once again setting Rick Holland's words to music. Out on November 7th, Warp Records will once again handle the six track release.

The title track is streaming HERE.

Brian Eno was involved with the creation of the artwork (pictured) with his original imagery being incorporated into a design from Nick Robertson.

Set to be released on vinyl, CD and digital formats 'Panic Of Looking' continues directly on from the recent album. Speaking to ClashMusic, Rick Holland explained that some listening conditions work better with the material than others.

"I’m doing a lot of driving at the moment and I find it works well with that" the writer revealed. "If I’m doing something else, like writing or drawing. Brian thinks it’s good to wash up to as well.”

'Panic Of Looking' is set to be released on November 7th. Tracklisting:

1. in the future
2. not a story
3. panic of looking
4. if these footsteps
5. watch a single swallow in a thermal sky, and try to fit its motion, or figure why it flies
6. west bay

Image: © Rolex/Hugo Glendinning 2011

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