'Red Barked Tree' out now

Punk pioneers Wire have spoken about the making of their new album 'Red Barked Tree'.

Wire are an anomaly - but then, they always have been. Even in the maelstrom of 1977 the band stood out, with their clipped middle class accents and their flurry of often bizarre new ideas.

Splitting their career into three chunks, whenever Wire run out of ideas they simply stop. Currently enjoying a creative burst, sessions last year resulted in their forward thinking new album 'Red Barked Tree'.

Out now, it unifies their early clipped guitar sound with the under-appreciated electronics of their 80s run. Speaking to ClashMusic, Graham Lewis drew parallels with the band's seminal second album 'Chairs Missing'.

"I think the reason perhaps that you draw that parallel with ‘Chairs Missing’ is because of the method that we used to use; predominately nearly all the record was for the group to actually learn to play songs and then play them" he said.

"That’s how we managed to get to our second album ‘Chairs Missing’ from ‘Pink Flag’ - by playing a lot of other material, and I think when ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ came along, we were able to look at it and go, ‘Right, the rest of this is just junk, we might as well just throw it away.’"

Continuing, Wire musician Graham Lewis praised the involvement of new guitarist Mike Simms. "At the audition it wasn’t just that he knew the material, he knew the right notes and all of that kind of stuff, but what was more important is that the minute he actually got the tone of it, he actually was able to produce THE noise."

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Wire are due to open a full UK tour on February 1st. Playing London's Scala venue on February 2nd the band will travel around the country before bringing the tour to a halt in Bristol on February 10th.

Wire have confirmed the following shows:

1 Brighton Komedia
2 London Scala
3 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
4 Manchester Deaf Institute
5 Dublin Academy
6 Belfast Spring & Airbrake
8 Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire
9 Glasgow King Tuts
10 Bristol The Fleece

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