Punk Pioneers Return

Of all the groups thrown up by the punk explosion, Wire remain one of the most challenging.

From the gleeful minimalism of their debut to the warped psychedelia of 'Chairs Missing' Wire continually challenged themselves. Releasing three iconic albums, the band split but would reform several times over the subsequent decades.

Moving into an electronic period, Wire spent the 80s drafting a typically sideways glance at industrial. Returning almost a decade ago, the London based group have lost none of their exploratory leanings.

Like the Flying Dutchman of punk the band are rarely spotted, yet when they are it is always memorable. Returning with new material, Wire are due to stir into life in the first weeks of January.

New album 'Red Barked Tree' is a surreal, deeply English and utterly forward thinking album. Set for release on January 11th, the material puts to shame younger groups who seem more interested in following trends than sparking new ideas.

Taken from the album, 'Two Minutes' sounds like no one else except Wire. It seems that after all those decades of moving from place to place, the punk icons have finally found somewhere worth settling.

Listen to it now... Download it HERE.

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