'Relapse' collaborator claims

One of the guest stars on 'Relapse', the long awaited new album by Eminem has claimed that the rapper is obsessed with The Wire.

A good rap album isn't complete without a few skits. Comedy sketches inserted for the benefit of no one apart from the artists themselves (well, usually) these skits are the hallmark of classic hip hop.

Eminem's new album 'Relapse' contains more than its fair share of skits. The typically hilarious rapper inserted a number of sketches in between his first new material in some time, with guest collaborators including the British actor Dominic West.

West plays Jimmy McNulty, a hard bitten detective on smash hit American TV show 'The Wire', and the actor claims that it was Eminem's obsession for the series that persuaded him to make a cameo on the rap album.

"(Eminem)'s an obsessive fan of 'The Wire', which is quite encouraging," West told Entertainment Weekly. "He's seen the whole lot four times, he told me the other day!"

The actor also revealed that he was able to record his part over the phone from London, as Eminem was piecing together the album in Miami. "He's a really good actor, so it was a pleasure doing it with him," West said.

'Relapse' has been a huge critical and commercial success. Greeted rapturously by fans, it could well be followed by another album before the year is out, as sessions with producer Dr Dre have been extremely fruitful.

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Hitting the British charts at number one, Eminem displaced fellow American titans Green Day. Retaining the top spot for a second week, the rapper has also smashed his way onto the United States' Billboard charts.

Hitting number one in its first week of release, 'Relapse' became the fasting selling album of the year thus far in America. Lead single 'We Made You' was much talked about, containing a celebrity baiting video that mocked Amy Winehouse amongst others.

Eminem's new album 'Relapse' is available now.

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