McNulty for new skit

Returning rap megastar Eminem has managed to rope in one of America's biggest actors with Dominic West set to appear on his new album.

Eminem's gravitational pull has managed to secure guest appearances from a number of stars. In the past the rapper has sampled Dido on his massive hit 'Stan' as well as working with the likes of 50 Cent, Dr Dre and various members of hip hop collective D12.

However his next move is one of his most unusual to date. Sheffield actor Dominic West plays detective Jimmy McNulty in the award winning US TV series 'The Wire' but the thespian is set to guest star on one of the year's most eagerly anticipated albums.

Eminem's new album 'Relapse' is the result of sessions with long time producer Dr Dre, and is his first album in almost five years. The rap star has recorded a number of short skits to include on the record, one of which is set to star West.

In the short clip the actor plays 'Dr West' who is the doctor responsible for discharging the rapper from a rehab clinic. In the sketch however the actor proves to be less than helpful, recommending the actor "take a drink" to "take the edge off" if he finds himself tempted by booze following his recovery from alcoholism.

News of the cameo broke after parts of 'Relapse' leaked online.

Eminem has been busy of late, with the rapper also making an appearance in the American comic 'The Punisher'. The star recently appeared on two different covers of XXL dressed as The Punisher, an ordinary man who takes vengeance into his own hands.

Of course, this isn't the first time Eminem has dressed up as a superhero. The video to his single 'Without Me' featured the rapper dressed as a spoof superhero, who spectacularly fails to save the day.

You can read an edited version of the comic by clicking HERE!

Eminem is set to release his new album 'Relapse' on May 17th.

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