OTW #517: Lola Colt

Snarling soundtracks to imaginary movies...

“It's a cool introduction, because it's what got us started and fired up,” remarks Gun, the Danish lead singer with London-based Lola Colt.

She’s talking about the band’s snarling debut single, ‘I Get High If You Get High’, which evokes the majesty of The Jesus And Mary Chain’s early phase, stylishly rebooted for 2013. “It's one of the first songs we wrote together back in the early days, and is Lola Colt as a wee teenager.” 

The six-piece takes its name from a 1967 Spaghetti Western – “a bizarre mongrel of a film,” according to guitarist Matt – and a love of cinematic scores is a defining inspiration for Lola Colt. In fact, Matt describes most of their songs as being soundtracks to as-yet-unmade movies.

“A schizophrenic love story with a tragic ending,” he says, when Clash asks what these future movies could be about. “Or a Spaghetti-noir, inner-city western. Or a rhinestone road trip through the desert and the sewers of the mind.” We get his drift. 

“We do take our inspiration from the film world,” continues Gun. “Films are big and our ideas are often big too. In fact, we could do with three more guitarists, a bunch of violins and more percussion – not to get louder, but to have more freedom to play with when composing.”

Gun and Matt are Lola Colt’s primary songwriters and although they share, according to Gun, “100 percent the same agenda, sound-wise,” their songs are created with a little yin and a lot of yang.

“We push and pull, and it’s love and hate when we work,” admits Gun. “We actually deeply respect each other; I know that Matt thinks I’m ace at coming up with wacko ideas and pulling things in obscene directions, and I am in awe of his ability to rationalise and orchestrate the picture. I think we manage to achieve a balance that makes sense.”

Lola Colt will record their debut album, set for release early next year, with Bad Seed and Grinderman Jim Sclavunos. From Matt’s perspective, the choice of producer was a no-brainer.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds is a big influence for us, and Jim’s also played with Sonic Youth and The Cramps. Having someone that's savvy to those bands’ inner workings could only be a positive aid. It's hard to imagine anyone with better-suited credentials for us.”

Clash wholeheartedly agrees, unless Quentin Tarantino should ever decide to produce an album.

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Where: London

What: Snarling soundtracks for unborn classic movies

Get 3 Songs: ‘I Get High If You Get High’, ‘Boom Boom Blasphemy’, ‘Away From The Water’

Unique Fact: Gun was once a part of a synchronised ice-skating team that became Danish champions. “But, there were only three teams in the whole country,” she tells us, modestly.

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Words: John Freeman

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