Next Wave #971: Remi Wolf

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Remi Wolf has a fun, care-free attitude to creativity. The LA based riser made her debut with her project ‘You’re A Dog’ recently, an EP where each song seemed to bursty with energy. Drawing inspiration from her love life and the allure of hedonism, she’s gained plaudits and co-signs from some of her heroes.

“When Anderson .Paak posted my remix on his Instagram story I took three shots of tequila! That one I was super stoked about!” Remi Wolf has also received praise from artists such as Gorillaz, Maggie Rogers and Hot Chip. “It feels pretty wild,” she says.

Describing her music as “funky soul pop”, it’s a tag exemplified by new five-track EP ‘I’m Allergic To Dogs’. ”I think they’re all bangers,” she smiles. “I wrote the EP and assembled the songs with a live setting in mind, for performance. I wanted my live shows to feel like a college dance party or just like a college show (that) you would see in a basement somewhere,” she says.

Remi acknowledges the obstacle that COVID-19 has presented for her live show plans but she remains optimistic. “Hopefully when we come back from COVID and we get performing again, it’ll feel really nice and rowdy and just really fun and dance-able and a lot of energy”.

Picking a favourite track from your own EP can be a challenge and for Remi Wolf, this is something that can change from day to day. “Right now, I really feel super proud of ‘Down The Line’. I think it sounds really good. If you’d have asked me last week, I would have said ‘Woo!’ and if you asked me a month ago, I probably would have said ‘Hello’”.

Remi Wolf’s new EP will only accelerate the hype. Recently selling out a drive-in show – in actuality the first drive-in show in LA – all proceeds went to charity, and somehow managed to develop a connection in spite of the windscreens between her and the fans.

‘I’m Allergic To Dogs’ was named after a personal joke between the artist and her friends. “The title is a continuation of my first EP’s title, which is ‘You’re A Dog’. Both titles originated from this stupid inside joke that I have, honestly, mainly with myself but I subjected my friends to it”. She laughs as she thinks of the joke, then adds: “I would say ‘Cows are dogs’ a lot and I would just go on this rant about how dogs are every animal and then it evolved into ‘You’re a dog’”.

She says that both titles can be taken metaphorically but she chooses not to look at them that way. Inspiration for the tracks on ‘I’m Allergic To Dogs’ came from “a multitude of things”. She explains: “I would say a lot of the tracks are born out of anxiety and angst and pent-up energy”.

This pent-up passion must have been useful for Remi’s recent drive-in show, which was a road-block in every sense. “It was so fun. It was awesome just to be able to perform again and literally release so much energy!”

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Words: Narzra Ahmed

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