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KarimThaPeasant is on the way to paving his own path. With the release of his self-titled EP and helping manage his entertainment company, the artist isn’t short of drive. Clash got to speak to the artist over the phone. - When we get on the phone with the artist, he has a friendly demeanour, full of energy and bounce. The East Londoner creates an undeniable energy with his music, it’s something he calls “that Gritty east London, coming out the gutter type”.

Karim comes through as confident through his music, it’s an energy he wants to give to his listeners. The influence of trap music is undeniable in his lyrics, style and the hard work that he’s been putting in. Karim mentions that his music is “to get people active, and in the zone”. This is definitely something he’s managed with his self-titled EP, ‘KTP’ that dropped in May.

When speaking of his influencers he mentions an artist who is known for his self-confidence, Kanye; "His production is another level and his lyrics are so abrasive. That’s what it takes to be an artist, to wear your heart on your sleeve". Like Kanye, Karim talks about every topic with such passion. He’s given himself big dreams and aspirations for further down the line, “I’m trying to be in a league of my own”.

KarimThaPeasant manages all his releases and content with his own entertainment company, ‘FLARE worldwide’. Making it in this industry is difficult enough with a label, Karim is paving his way with his own media company and doing everything himself. This way to do things is definitely harder with more risk, but the reward is much greater, “I feel like that people don’t talk about enough when it comes to independent artists, is the ability to put on a different hat for each part of the business”.

The Flare movement is known for having an energetic live performance, similar to what can be found on Karim’s EP. With lockdown meaning there might not be a show for a while, it doesn’t take the smile of his face when talking about his previous live performances, “We will go to these shows and show love to everyone who comes through the door, that’s how you build culture, through raw connection”.

The artist has supported for likes of Joy Crookes, and Unknown T over the past couple years. Giving him an eye into what the future might hold. “From growing up in London, you see all these people. For me personally it’s nothing but inspiration. This is ethnic people from ends”. He continues: “Everyone’s on their own journey and come up. We just need to do more to support each other on their come up”.

We then move onto the Black Lives Matter protests that have been taking place over the past few weeks. Karim went to one of the first, “Mandem are tired, we’re not trying to see traumatic videos on social media everyday”. He follows on: “The UK is not innocent; this is what we were saying at the protest. This is not an American problem”.

“More on a positive note, I think what we can take from this, is we should be doing more to support the black community”.

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‘ETP’ is out now.

Words: Joe Hale

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