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Alec Wigdhal’s goal is to make songs for people to relate to and find comfort in. Having just released new single ‘Cologne’ – three minutes of upbeat dance fun – it could be that Alec Wigdhal is the pop newcomer we need right now.

Clash caught up with 19-year-old Alec while he was at his house in the San Fernando Valley, just North of Los Angeles. Having signed to Internet Money Records/TenThousand Projects, Alec released his debut EP, ‘Strawberry’ in 2019 to complimentary acclaim.

His music is founded on instant hooks and relatable chord structures – fans of pop are in very safe hands with this young American. With a smattering of singles under his belt and more on the way, Alec is making all the right moves.

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Originally from Minnesota, Alec studied in Boston before moving to the West Coast to pursue his career in music. Alec grew up on a diet of classic rock, with his dad introducing him to the likes of Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith – it seemed only natural then that his first and most-loved instrument is the guitar.

It wasn’t till Junior High that music became a more serious prospect, though it would be a road he would travel alone – as he describes himself as the only “Music Kid” of his hometown.

Alec’s taste has been evolving ever since: R&B, hip-hop and rap are just some of the genres that influence his current sound. However, Alec maintains strong loyalties to pop, as he references Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and Harry Styles as artists he admires the most.

Alec describes his music as “pop with an indie or alternative edge”. Having a hand in the entire creative process is important for Alec. As well as playing the guitar, Alec has taught himself to play the piano and bass, and has self-produced his own tracks too.

He explains: “I hear music in my head all day, I’ll randomly hear a lyric and write a voice memo on my phone – it starts with a sudden spark of an idea. I’ll then sit down at a computer and start a beat”.

The stage is set in LA for Alec to do what he does best. He joins Clash from a house of ten other producers and musicians, a hotbed of creativity where collaboration is the norm. “It’s competitive but in a really good way – we all just push each other,” Alec says.

The inevitable question is asked about the global world crisis and how it will affect Alec’s plans for the year ahead: “When I moved to LA it was fun to set up lots of sessions with producers and other musicians. That can’t happen anymore – everything is closed and the whole industry is on pause,” he says. “But this year I plan to put out my next EP – it’s a natural step up from 'Strawberry' (his debut release). I’d love to get into touring, potentially opening for someone or headlining my own shows”. 

Who knows what life will be like in a few months. One thing is for sure though – Alec Wigdahl is one to keep on your radar.

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Words: Sophie Church

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