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Many people assume Splurgeboys - comprised of brothers Tee and Rocket - are in fact twins due to their inseparability and likeness. While that may not be the case, much of their work as a production and rap duo comes from a place of fraternal understanding and intuition.

"The way we work is special because I can know what each others thinking," Tee says. "We don't have to vocalise our thoughts half the time, I know when he could write something a bit better or when I could add another layer to a track. I think it's telepathy, you gain a better understanding of each other and I think that makes the working relationship easier."

Since grimes purported resurgence roughly five years ago, the duo has emerged as one of the leading production duos within the scene. Splurgeboys represent the new guard of UK urban music, producers who didn't necessarily come up in the rave scene of the early days but saw that grime is an institution that allowed them to craft beats with an infrastructure behind them.

"The levels are going up, Rocket notes, but the openness to different sounds and styles is beautiful and acceptable. Included in that are the photographers, stylists, broadcasters, and they're all a part of the culture and it bodes well for us."

On the duos first album, Chill + Bill, and its follow-up, the breadth of sounds Rocket speaks of can be heard, and its symptomatic of how the Internet has allowed the new school of MCs and producers to branch out and look beyond traditional UK rap and grime soundscapes.

Chill + Bill 2 arrived earlier this year, featuring the likes of JME, Fekky, LD and Poet, who all represent the past, present and future of the underground UK scene. Grime is 20 years old now and its reached maturation to the point that it now has various generations who each represent its various stages of growth. Splurgeboys are a sign of the UK's scenes promising and rich future that grew from concrete blocks and made its way into the charts.

Splurgeboys wear Puma Ader Error and Puma x Les Benjamins collection available HERE.

Words: Jesse Bernard

Photography: Lucy Baker

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Splurgeboys Performing For Clash Live At The Curtain

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