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INFAMOUSIZAK is an all-rounder. A producer, vocalist, and rapper, his unique style borrows from all three streams, resulting in something explicitly potent.

New mixtape ‘Deep The Night’ is out now, matching UK styles against R&B, placing Stateside hip-hop within a South London context. It’s the work of someone whose life is intertwined with music, someone whose creativity absorbs every moment of his life.

“Music has always played an important role in my life,” he explains. “As a kid I grew up around music. It came naturally. When I first started getting into making music I used rapping as a tool. I had these ideas, but didn’t have the beats to put them on. So I borrowed some production software from my friend, purely to make basic beats.”

“It went from there, basically. I was experimenting with sounds, creating different vibes. Trying to find a way to put all these ideas together.”

‘Deep The Night’ is the point where it all coalesces. Each element informs the next, with INFAMOUSIZAK able to match huge dexterity to a singular potent vision. “When I’m creating they go hand in hand,” he insists. “When I start something new, I’ll make a beat but won’t finish the beat straight away as I’ll have to put a vocal on it. So they build on top of each other.”

Labelling the project “a cross-section of feelings and emotions that evolved around the time I was creating those songs” the new mixtape is heavy on atmosphere and mood. Music, it seems, is a means for this South London maverick to get untouchable emotions down on tape. He says: “If I’m having a successful day with the music – if I’ve created something I love – then it’s therapeutic. It’s natural.”

In a way, INFAMOUSIZAK’s music is all about conversation – it’s a means to prompt interaction, to cut through the divides between genres, and between people. ‘Deep The Night’ is a means of opening up, but it’s a two-fold thing – the listener needs to open up for the material to have any relevancy.

“I feel like that’s what I want to do,” he says. “It’s about connecting my personal life with the outside world. I can make a club record that still talks about personal aspects of my life. Everyone goes through similar things, similar experiences and emotions. So I want to take that, and place it in different spaces.”

As for the future, he just wants to stay focussed, and stay creative. Working from his home studio, the door is never locked – he’s solitary, but not alone. Finishing, INFAMOUSIZAK states his case:

“Keep releasing music, keep experimenting, keep working with other people, and keep pushing the boundaries of what I can do so I can keep expanding creatively.”

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