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“Today, I’m in Tel Aviv. I’m going to Berlin and then the Netherlands. It is such a pleasure to travel with my music,” giggles SÔNGE, shyly. The rising French DJ, singer and producer is quickly joining the ranks of unconventional female artists with total control of their music, such as Björk, Christine And The Queens and FKA Twigs.

SÔNGE is set apart by her synaesthesia, a neurological phenomenon where the stimulation of one sense elicits another. For SÔNGE, she sees sounds as colours, aiding in her songwriting process. “For me, the music and visuals are one and the same. When there is a beautiful colour, I grab it - it’s the same as a painting,” she explains. “I have the colour, the melody follows and a little bit after, the lyrics come.”

Drawing inspiration from a range of music like trip-hop, jazz and reggae, as well as her experience of living in various countries, she muses: “These are all very different influences, I think. You have the environment, the music, but also I’m inspired by tastes like Caribbean taste and German taste.”

She fluctuates seamlessly between different genres and sounds, from ethereal electronics to soulful R&B and futuristic hip-hop; it all culminates to create something truly otherworldly and inimitable. The whirring synths and skittering beats of new single ‘Roses’ contrasts starkly with the eerie and hypnotic slow-burn of ‘I Come From Pain’.

Keeping with her enigmatic persona, she teases: “The album is coming out in February. I can’t explain; it’ll be hard but also soft - like a contradiction.”

Where: Brest, France
What: A dark-hued mystical medley of ghostly synths, cosmic hip-hop and soulful vocals
Get 3 Songs: ‘Roses’, ‘I Come From Pain’, ‘Now’

Fact: She suffers from insomnia and wears the light therapy glasses she was prescribed when she performs, giving her the “perfect alien princess” appearance.

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Words: Yasmin Cowan
Photography: Sophie Mayanne
Fashion: Zarina Shukri

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