Brad Stank
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Being coined as ‘bedroom pop’ is something that Brad Stank has come to revel in. “Well that is exactly how I make my music, in my bedroom", he confesses, "but I'm not sure the music is the same as other things being tagged as that nowadays".

The Liverpudlian based artist who creates smooth, sultry guitar tracks that dance between R&B and indie is not confined by his own four walls but creates heart twanging and honest tracks just metres from where he lays his head to sleep. Setting up shop with a home studio, the artist who is originally from a town just outside of Sheffield moved to Liverpool for university five years ago and never left.

Did he find inspiration being in city with such a rich musical history? "It’s amazing being around all these iconic venues like the Cavern, it’s definitely inspiring but the music scene here feels like they've got a really good secret that they’re not ready to share."

For him, his journey was different, explaining that "a lot of the bands here spend a lot of time gigging but no one from Liverpool knew I was making music and it kind of blew up before anyone knew". This seems to be a theme for the artist; "it's hard to gauge who is actually listening to my music because the streaming numbers are really good but it's hard to know how well it's doing in the real world."

For most artists, the gauge of musical reach it seen in the response to live shows but for Brad Stank, his live experience is still in it's infancy. "I'd like to play more shows, I sometimes wonder if I should go out looking for them or I should wait until they come to me". Playing his first show at London's Moth Club, supporting Hers, his stage presence was charismatic; comfortable and confident regardless of his nerves making his debut as a front man but is determined Brad Stank a real life experience and not just a success within the online sphere.

So, what's next for Brad? The artist has his sights set on collaborating with other artists, start working from a studio and start experimenting with his sound further to reassure himself that his journey is reflective of his streaming numbers. "I’m starting to get frustrated with how stuff sounds in my bedroom. I’ve been trying to make stuff for a year in my room and you know where it’s going to go, in a way".

Although thankful of his lowkey start, Brad's sights are set on continuing his journey but making some changes along the way and securing his presence in the industry and to transcend into the real world, though he'll continue to stick to his songwriting process:"I start writing songs with the name of the track, I have a note on my phone with all the song names, that's how 'Condemned To Be Freaky' came to life; it had been sitting on my notes for ages and I just wanted to make a track with that name, so I did."

Brad Stank is a force to be reckoned with; whether his tracks are made in his bedroom or a studio, Clash knows his music will be flirting his way into every sound space in no time.

WHAT: Music that feels like hot lovin' on a cold day

WHERE: Liverpool via Sheffield

GET 3 SONGS: Condemned To Be Freaky, O.T.D, Flirting In Space

FUN FACT: He started playing drums after watching School Of Rock; shout out Jack Black for the inspo.

You can catch him at London's Waiting Room on September 27th with Honeyblood.

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Words: Genevieve Torabi

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