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Montreal is a breeding ground for promising talent and KALLITECHNIS is the newest artist that is repping for the city. The songwriter brings powerful R&B that sways from deeply personal and relate-able to upbeat and euphoric. Getting her start in music by singing musicals with her mother and entering talent shows, it wasn't until two years ago that she decided to stop denying her need to share music and started posting clips of her singing on Instagram.

This kickstarted her career; catching the attention of producers in Montreal and around the world, she was connected with Soulection signed ROMderful; "it was really a chance meeting, I was Instagram friends with his girlfriend at the time and she messaged me telling me that he and I should connect. We started sending beats and vocals back and forth and it was so effortless; he knows what suits my voice".

This seems to be a common port of call for KALLITECHNIS who meets producers through fate or chance, even if they're across the world. Her latest drop 'Body & Soul' is a collaboration with London producer Intalekt, another production that had to be done from different parts of the world. "the distance is difficult but I don’t want to be seen as a rapper," she explains. "A lot of rappers aren’t involved in the production side of things, they just get sent beats and do what they do on them. I didn’t want to feel cheap about it, I wanted to be involved in the song's production from the get-go," and this is what sets KALLI apart from her peers; carefully choosing which producers suit her and made sense for her path.

She continues: "I haven't reached for these opportunities, they've come to me and I feel so blessed," and this creates KALLI's authentic sound.

Her path also steered her into the direction of art therapy, leaving her studies to focus on her music, her degree in psychology, is something that is woven into her music. Taking her lyrics to give people a sense of connection, her music tackles both unspoken and unseen insecurities, being aware of the impact that music can have her hope that her music can be used in the same ways that therapists can. "I'm basically doing art therapy by writing my songs and adding meaning to my lyrics," KALLI explains/ "I'm so pleased I get the type of feedback I do and have people are telling me that my music helped during difficult times, it's very humbling and very motivating".

The Montreal artist's ability to write songs is second nature, as she explains "what makes writing easy is retrieving your feelings and your emotions from within and trying to be as authentic as possible. Making sure that whatever I put out I'm comfortable with and it's a reflection of who I am. I'm conscious that music I put out is going to have an impact on the world and on people. I'm careful with what I write but it's not filtered, it's my own introspection and self-reflection put into lyrics in a way that isn't too preachy."

And preachy her music is not; each track is evidence of her evolution into one of Canada's rising stars. With smooth and sweet vocals that dance on the edge of sultry, KALLITECHNIS music marries vibrant vocals with perfect production and shouldn't be overlooked.

WHERE: Montreal, Canada
WHAT: Sugary sweet R&B with unparalleled production.
GET 3 SONGS: body&soul, Come Up, Song For You

FACT: She featured on Lou Phelps' Average which was produced by fellow Montrealian Kaytranada.

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Words: Genevieve Torabi

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