An iMessage conversation with a true original...

Outsider thinking has always been vital to the progression of music. Whenever things begin to feel a little too formulaic, those that think a little differently are always there to nudge us gently into another direction. These thinkers might not single-handedly change the world, but by building movements they can influence, either directly or by example.

London O’Connor thinks differently. A creator of his own reality, London escaped the monotony of life in suburban San Marcos, California for a couch-surfing life in New York city. He’d have a stint as Ryan McGinley’s muse, skateboard around the city wearing a dress, and record an album, O∆ - pronounced “circle triangle” - out of portable equipment he’d carry in his backpack.

Initially released via his Soundcloud account in 2015 the album deliberately avoids falling into anyone’s idea of a defined genre, as he raps and sings about escaping the suburbs to chase his dreams. Characteristically out of the ordinary, the release has maintained interest through the past 24 months. Despite a fickle and fast-moving industry, it’s ducked the hype machine, remaining an ever-relevant statement that finds its way to new ears on a daily basis - including those at New York independent label True Panther Sounds, who’ve partnered with London to re-release a remastered edition of the album.

Unsurprisingly, O’Connor has begun to develop a cult following; kids that perhaps didn’t feel represented until O∆ crossed their paths. These fans are who he’s most excited about, the kids that listen to his songs to fuel their own creations and pursue their own ambitions. Together they can change the world.

Because of this, he’s made his phone number readily available to anybody that wants it via his Twitter account. He engages in conversations with his fans, that extend from the themes in his music, sometimes offering some form of therapy to those that feel as trapped, lost and confused as he once did.

Over the past weekend, we’ve been iMessaging with London O’Connor while he hangs out in London ahead of a headline show at the Montague Arms… 

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