Next Wave #703: Dagny

High octane pop, with a plethora of edge and playfulness...

High octane pop, with a plethora of edge and playfulness… The last year for Dagny has been pretty hectic. She was signed by Universal/ Republic Records, an experience she states, “was surreal”. She supported Sting, had her single ‘Backbeat’ debut on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Show and released her ‘Ultraviolet’ EP last month to an astounding reception from the blogosphere and her fans way beyond her expectations, “You have different expectations I guess than what you would have if you had an album, but I was really blown away by the great reviews we were getting from the biggest newspapers and magazines in Norway and also the reactions from the listeners.”

The creative process for ‘Ultraviolet’ began approximately 6 months ago when the Norwegian travelled to Los Angeles for the first time ever to immerse herself in the music and song-write. A trip she highlights was imperative to the sound of the EP, “It was a really high energy, new experience and it was extremely inspiring and I think you can hear that in the music.” Which offers an explanation for the spirited power present on each track of the record.

Although Dagny grew up in a musical family, she wasn’t particularly interested in becoming a musician until she was 16 years of age. But it was her move to London at the age of 21 that confirmed her true calling. Her transition from Norway to the capital has been undoubtedly influential due to the vibrant co-writing scene and the abundance of opportunities available to watch live music on a weekly basis, “Sometimes I go to small gigs and I don’t know what to expect, but occasionally you just see a small artist that blows you away and that’s when I just want to fucking run home and song write for rest of the day” she exclaims.

It’s fair to say that the pace at which things have accelerated has been rapid, however the 26 year old is graciously taking it in her stride and she couldn’t be any more grateful with the outcome, “We’ve been playing and gigging around for years and ‘Backbeat’ was kind of a turning point in so many ways, since we released it last year in Scandinavia. It’s just been such a journey.” Her time is now and she has no qualms about it, “I’m ready now and I wasn’t ready at 21, so that’s just what it is you know.” Her journey is just beginning and with a UK tour due at the end of month, Dagny will be bringing her effervescent live shows to the masses before heading back to the United States to complete her debut LP, to be ready for release in the new year.

Where: Tromsø, Norway
What: High octane alt pop
Get 3 Songs: ‘Backbeat’, ‘Fool’s Gold’ and ‘Fight Sleep’

Fact: Dagny is petrified of elevators and has a crazy pick ‘n’ mix addiction. Lock your sweets away.

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Words: Lois Browne

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