Next Wave #639: Sunflower Bean

Desert-scorched psych trio...

"We all like Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath, Nirvana – ya know, all the good stuff!"

Sunflower Bean's grungy, pyched-out rock patiently stews in maxed out reverb and heavy riffs as they pay homage to their rock 'n' roll gods. Growing up moshing in an underground music scene in Brooklyn, the band stresses the importance of this musical lifestyle.

Julia Cummings – vocalist and bassist who you might recognise as the face of Yves Saint Laurent – preaches that rock 'n' roll saves lives. With Nick Kivlen (vocalist and guitarist) and Jacob Faber (drummer) in agreement, the melodramatic nature of this statement is not a throwaway comment. It is their everything and as Faber poignantly puts it: "life would be really depressing [without it], it gives us purpose!"

This inseparable young trio, are the perfect formula for the reassuring resurgence of band culture. Cummings explains that their set up is a pretty perfect but simple combination. "There's a reason why there's a bass, a guitar and drums, not that this way has to always be the case. But I think it has a lasting impression, it was something our parents loved, that we love and our kids will probably love too".

It's true, their psychedelic rock inspired tracks like 'Tame Impala' pulls you into a nostalgic era that you were probably never apart of, yet the nature of their music welcomes you to indulge in their modern interpretation.

Their new single, 'I Hear Voices' which came out this week via Fat Possum, is a song inspired by a "fun fight" between the band. All three live together alongside their manger and as the best friends air their dirty laundry ("Sometimes your truth is a joke..!") the listener gains valuable insight into the close relationship this band have. "We have all our eggs in one basket, you don't get many chances like this and if you see something that's worth it, you have to fight for it."

WHAT: Desert-scorched psych
WHERE: Brooklyn
3 SONGS: 'I Hear Voices', 'Somebody Call A Doctor', '2013'

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Words: Isis O'Regan

Photo Credit: Mia Della Ragione

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