Next Wave #1176: meg elsier

"If inspiration hits, you just have to get it down..."

“It’s fucking badass to have your first project ever be an album” laughs meg elsier, and you’ve got to agree. The music scene is drowning in EPs. Whispers theorise the end of the album as we know it. And yet meg says otherwise. 

Built on “one liners”, spittake is the product of daily inspiration, of “just a couple of words” that lead to an avalanche of thoughts and eventually, a track. 

The impulsivity of her creation lends itself to the title itself, of throwing caution to the wind and projecting yourself onto the world. With guitars on top of “piles of laundry”, meg’s creativity is not linear, or in any way conformist. “I’ve tried to make a space with a candle and a nice place to write” meg explains, “but I swear to God I always end up writing on the floor, or the stairs. I don’t know why I’m like this. But it happens sometimes music kind of that thing where like, if inspiration hits, you just have to get it down.”

Sometimes, that means standing in your garden “butt ass naked” as your friends drink wine inside, chugging jugs of water and spitting on your friend’s camera lens, desperately trying to get that perfect shot. Other times, it’s doing “three music videos over three days”, fuelled by repetitive cigarette breaks and unsettlingly manic energy. 

‘Main character energy’ is a phrase so overused that the meaning was lost on me until meeting meg. Taking control of her creative output, she’s in the driver’s seat. spittake blaring through the speakers and the world in her rearview mirror. Her energy is infectious and you can tell why people have jumped on the bandwagon (the metaphor stops now, promise).

“I’m working with my best friends… recording, making videos, the photos. They’re all people who I love.” It’s a privilege that most aren’t afforded and something that is understandably protected, with the toxic norms that many young women come to expect in the industry being kept at arm’s length. She’s “fortunate”, surrounding herself with the right people and inhabiting an “incredibly safe and loving” world, with the perfect soundtrack to accompany it. An opus for the here and now.

“I feel really strong on with this album – I love it now and I think it reflects me now. It’s like my shitty tattoos. My infinity sign tattoo on my ribs. I was 18, I was gonna live forever and I was like, I love it now and that’s all that matters. But to be honest, I love this album. I’m gonna love her forever.”

Come October, meg and her “best friends” will be hitting the road with Finom. What’s next? That’s the bit we’re excited about. 

‘spittake’ is out now.

Words: Megan Walder

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