Next Wave #1146: Belot

Ultra-colourful pop riser sits down with Clash...

Belot released her latest EP ‘The Good Life’ in October and, as with all of her tracks, the EP is undeniably fun and authentic to her vibrant style. Following 2022’s cult favourite ‘Harmless Fun’, Belot’s personality shines, not only through her music, but in real life too. She is exuberant and warm and this charm must be part of what makes her a hit with the mainstream and more alternative scenes.

We wanted to find out more about her addictive sound so we hopped on a Zoom call with Belot as she was in her home in Shoreditch, London (although she firmly points out she was brought up in North London).

‘The Good Life’ was inspired by a moment where Belot had to remind herself to appreciate things in the moment. “Especially in music, it’s so fast-paced that, by the time you’ve released a song, you’re thinking about the next group of songs you’re going to release and so you’re working at this crazy pace.

“Actually, if you’re not going to enjoy it, if you’re not going to enjoy the fact that you’re going into the studio and writing and you’re not going to enjoy the process, then there’s no point. And that’s sort of what ‘The Good Life’ is about. ‘The Good Life’ is about looking around and being like, ‘We’re on our way.’ Whatever it is you’re doing. We’ve got to look around and enjoy the moment a bit more, because it’s really easy to get swept up into ‘And what’s going to happen after that…’”. 

Her lyricism is quite random and can be to the point, because she leaves no prisoners, as in ‘Get This’ where she implores an ex to “Go sit on a cactus” in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way, of course. “‘Get This’ is about when you are getting over an ex and it’s been a really hard time and you are in that era where, because you’ve been hibernating…I don’t know. For me, everytime that I am sad, I end up looking really good. I don’t know what it is about it. I feel like a lot of people have that. When you’re going through a break-up, for some reason, you have an energy glow-up. For me, I have two months of being really sad and then I slowly start making my way out of my cocoon. ‘Get This’ is about you doing that and then the person who’s broken your heart sees that you’re thriving on soclai media and they’re like, ‘Let me get in touch.’”

Things got a little meta when Belot watched so much of the show ‘Modern Family’ during lockdown that she ended up down a “rabbit hole” and found herself thinking of things from the perspective of lovable Dad character, Phil Dunphy. “I started thinking, like, what would Phin Dunphy do in this situation?” And this inspired previous single, ‘Harmless Fun’. 

Belot recently supported The Aces on their UK and European tour. “It was such great fun. They’re such great people and I was just very grateful to be given the opportunity. Honestly, it was so, so fun. Every show was just great. Their fans are so wonderful and sweet and kind. I was shown so much kindness from both The Aces and their fans… I am so glad I got to do it.”

‘The Good Life’ is available now.

Words: Narzra Ahmed
Photo Credit: Sophie Scott

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