Next Wave #1143: Jordan Adetunji

In association with Fred Perry...

“Damn, that’s like asking the first time I was conscious!” Jordan Adetunji remarks with a smirk when prompted about his earliest musical memory. The now 24-year-old, Belfast-hailing artist recalls, as a kid, standing in the corner of the living room watching a Busta Rhymes video. The iconic rapper’s music intrigued Adetunji but he was too scared to fully let himself get wrapped up in the dynamic world of a true idiosyncratic star. Nowadays, Adetunji doesn’t have that same apprehension, his own innate eccentricity prevailing. 

The start of Adetunji’s journey began through the confines of classical music, specifically as a trumpeter. In the last few years, Adetunji strayed into contemporary music – one that eventually led to him being discovered on TikTok by Oli Sykes, who then suggested RCA Records sign this fledgling talent. “Yeah, it worked out for me,” the artist admits coyly.  After releasing his first few tracks, Adetunji has rapidly gained attention and plaudits. His sound is unique; it doesn’t necessarily align with mainstream sounds, and is refreshingly unfiltered. “Raw stuff just hits harder,” the musician affirms. And the genre he feels most aligned with? “Oh, that’s ‘ROCK ‘N’ RAVE’”. ‘ROCK ‘N’ RAVE’ is the title of his debut mixtape, capturing the natural synergy between the two scenes and Adetunji’s embrace of them. “Listen to it with an open mind,” is his only disclaimer. 

Beyond the meshing of elements of alternative rock and hip-hop, Adetunji’s Gen Z credentials mean he’s open to influences beyond the confines of music. Other creative endeavours such as fashion, anime, and gaming tend to have an impact on the way he frames his output. “For me it’s like a canvas,” he says. “I’m painting constantly and I like using different colours.” 

Even though Adetunji had to be compelled by his brother to post on TikTok, it’s now something he looks forward to. “It’s actually fun to me,” he says, noting the collaborative nature of the app. In his mind, the space that he’s creating is porous and open to anyone, but most importantly, authentically him. It’s one that isn’t beholden to the constraints of genre and is forever in flux. 

WHAT: Rock N Rave

WHERE: Belfast

3 SONGS: ‘You & I, ‘Involved’, ‘Go’

FACT: Jordan Adetunji first started conceiving ‘ROCK ‘N’ RAVE’ after being inspired by collections at Paris Fashion Week.

Words: Lauren Dehollogne

Photography: Bella Howard

Styling: Sabrina Soormally

Creative Direction: Rob Meyers

Jordan Adetunji wears wears the Leopard Print Fred Perry Shirt (SM5231-102), £120; by Fred Perry x Noon Goons. Shop the collection here.

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