Next Wave #1140: Lloren

Dark-pop wonder is escaping introspection to embrace her new era...

Without a doubt, you will have heard the singer-songwriter Lloren’s music before. Her tracks have been played on some of the biggest TV shows on the planet – undeniable big-hitters like Love Island (both in the UK and the US), Made in Chelsea, Grey’s Anatomy, and The L Word. She’s no stranger to the small screen herself, having competed on BBC’s The Voice in 2018, where she reached the final and duetted with Olly Murs. Despite not walking away with the prize – which was probably for the best thing in the long run – Lloren has carved out an impressive career, recently combining with long-time collaborator Christian Reindl on her latest track ‘Breathe’.

‘Breathe’ is an expansive track that effortlessly showcases Lloren’s rich vocal tones and her storytelling. A tad darker track than her previous releases, it explores more of an introspective side. The visuals in the stunning video that accompany ‘Breathe’ help elevate the track; shot in LA, it was overseen by Ricardo Bonisoli. Despite being shot in less than three days, the result is worthy of a big budget production.

A huge element of Lloren’s approach is that it feels utterly immersive with an almost cinematic feel that effortlessly showcases both her rich, versatile vocals and emotive melodies as well as her pure other-worldly power. She has also lent her stunning backing vocals to the trailer for Disney’s upcoming movie Wish and is currently working on her debut album ‘It’s always sunny in LA’ – chock-full of dreamy pop anthems, it’s slated to be released in 2024.

Lloren explains that this will be an uplifting and euphoric album, but it will still maintain aspects of her cinematic approach that has become a big part of her art. “The album is moving into a more contemporary space with nostalgic euphoric sounds that have an uplifting anthemic vibe. I like to think of this new era as Happy Lana Del Rey!“

The reason for this slight sonic shift is Lloren’s love affair with vintage-inspired sounds. She explains: “I’ve written a lot of moody dark stuff which has worked really well for TV, but this album was approached with an element of fun! I really wanted to create some anthemic tracks that would be fun to play live. I’m very in love with retro sounds and synths so the sonic landscape kind of manifested itself quite quickly and it was easy to find inspiration”.

The album is due out next year, but you can expect to hear some of the tracks from the album in the coming months, including the dreamy yet uplighting ‘Like This’ which really sets the tone of what is to come from ‘It’s always sunny in LA’. Drawing inspiration from her contemporaries such as Swedish singer songwriter Leon who Lloren admires for ability to create retro-inspired songs whilst maintaining a contemporary feel. Artists such as US singers Fleurie and Ruelle are also a key inspiration thanks to their cinematic approach as well as singers like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and the aforementioned Lana Del Rey. 

Like her musical peers, Lloren has fun with the aesthetic and enjoys being playful when it comes to her own personal style citing that she believes that “everything is art, the way we present ourselves, the way we dress, it’s all an expression of who we are and so it contributes to the art. For me it’s important, but I guess that’s also because I find it fun!”

Music has always been a huge part of her life since she was a child and coupled with her Irish-Caribbean heritage, her love of singing and playing guitar prompted her to start her journey in music. Currently based between London and her home town of Weymouth, Lloren’s passion and hunger for her craft is admirable and whilst she is always wanting to raise the bar and push boundaries, she believes that the pursuit of perfectionism has no place. 

Lloren finishes: “It’s important to want the best from your art but there’s a time to step back and down tools. You don’t have to do or be an expert in everything, know where your strengths are and if you need someone else’s input take the feedback, then pick and choose what resonates with you before you make the necessary changes.”

Words: Emma Harrison // @EmmaHWriter
Photo Credit: Rachel DiBiaso 

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